NMR is the proud importer and Distributor of Smart & Safe anti radiation headset to the United State.
Smart & Safe is a revolutionary, patent pending, radiation Free, Stereo Headphone. The product is based on patented SAAT: Stereo Acoustic Air tube The sound/music from the device is transmitted to the ears through a hollow tube, filled with air. Since no metal wires are used with Smart and safe, the electro-Magnetic radiation reaching the listener’s head, is proven to be reduced by 98%!         
We are an innovative provider of advanced "personal radiation protection" solutions. We delivered new standards of safety and convenience to cellular phone users by designing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance innovations accessories for the full range Of cell phones.  We are an international enterprise with European R&D division and high quality, low cost manufacturing division in Hong Kong and China. Our products have developed trough experience and research of cellular products and electronics devise which emitted electro-magnetic radiation. Our leading radiation free solution for cell phone is the SmartnSafe® stereo headset. This innovative stereo headphone, based on patented SAAT – Stereo Acoustic Air Tube™ – technology conducts the sound from the cell phone conversations and music through a hollow tube filled with air, without metal wires. It's scientifically proven to reduce the electro-magnetic radiation reaching the user’s sensitive ear and brain area by up to 98% by EMI Test Lab, which is an FCC (United States), EMCC (Europe) and VCCI (Japan) approved testing laboratory. The revolutionary hands free is patent pending; the model is copyrighted and SmartnSafe® is a registered trademark.


WHO Says Cell Phone Radiation Is "Possibly 

Carcinogenic." Now What?

Cell phones and cancer: Should you be worried?

WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk.


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